LongLat Inc. is a vertically integrated company with its headquarters and warehouse based in Clifton, New Jersey. In order to help simplify travelers with the rigors of everyday traveling, it recognizes the growing demands from many global and national branded partners for key products that are simply innovative, functional, and stylish. LongLat Inc.'s ability to control every step of the manufacturing process has made it possible to achieve the highest quality products to the travelling users.

LongLat Inc. has recently acquired one of the oldest American luggage brands in the industry, “American Flyer” which specializes in luggage sets, duffels, totes, backpacks, and travel accessories. They are also working with rapidly growing brands including Shanghai based designer Jenni Chan, renowned New York based Pop Artist Ed Heck, and its newest outdoors adventures brand Swiss Cargo.

American Flyer luggage sets are sold in the US market by many major online and retail stores. The brand has many fashionable and exotic printed luggage; their classic fleur de lis floral print and animal printed luggage sets have been a staple for many years. American Flyer carries many solid luggage sets for the ease of family travels including specialized business wheelie briefcases with the everyday business traveler in mind.

Jenni Chan is a Shanghai based designer that has already appealed to women all over with her stylish and affordable luggage, soft bags, and accessories. Each bag she creates is very detailed and versatile. Jenni Chan’s overall goal is to simplify travel for the everyday women with style.

Ed Heck is a renown Pop Artist based in Brooklyn NY with his art gallery in bustling part of Union Square. Ed Heck partnered with LongLat Inc. and launched his luggage line over three years ago. One of his best sellers is the 'Looking Cool' hard case collection. LongLat Inc. just recently announced earlier this summer that they will be introducing a number of new Ed Heck series in soft sided pieces such as carryon’s, wheeled duffels, and backpacks.

Swiss Cargo has one mission: to complete your adventure with our bags… Swiss Cargo has a heritage in adventure sport and travel. Swiss Cargo luggage and bags are made from the highest quality materials providing the ultimate in protection and style for your travel and adventure.