Be aware that airlines can stealthily change their luggage size guides.
Our advice: Check your carrier’s rules every time you fly.

AirlineChecked Bag SizeChecked Bag Weight1st Checked Bag Fee
Aer Lingus62 in**50 lbsFree
Air Canada62 in**50 lbs$25†
Air France62 in**50 lbs$20†
Air India62 in**50 lbsFree
Alaska Airlines62 in.50 lbs.25
Allegiant Air80 in**40 lbs$15†
American Airlines62 in.50 lbs.25
Asiana Airlines62 in**50 lbsFree
British Airways35.5 x 29.5 x 1650 lbs.Free
Caribbean Airlines62 in**50 lbsFree
Copa Airlines62 in**52 lbsFree†
Delta Airlines62 in.50 lbs.25
easyJet108 in**44 lbs$16†
Emirates59 in**50 lbsFree
Frontier Airlines62 in.**50 lbs.Free†
Hawaiian Airlines62 in.**50 lbs.25
Icelandair62 in**50 lbsFree
InterjetN/A2 bags (55 lbs each)Free
Japan Airlines79 in**50 lbsFree
JetBlue Airways62 in.50 lbs.20
Korean Air62 in**70 lbsFree
Lufthansa62 in**50.7 lbsFree
Norwegian Air118 in**70.5 lbs$25†
Philippine Airlines62 in**50 lbsFree
Qatar Airlines62 in**2 bags (50 lbs per bag)Free
RyanairN/A33 lbs or 44 lbs$22†
Singapore Airlines62 in**50 lbsFree
Southwest Airlines62 in.50 lbs.Free
Spirit Airlines62 in.**40 lbs.$21†
Turkish Air62 in**50.7 lbsFree
United Airlines62 in.50 lbs.25
Virgin America62 in.**50 lbs.25
Volaris62 in**33 lbsFree
WestJet62 in**50 lbs$25†